CBR Solarize


In order to address the Crestone Baca Resiliency’s solar vision for our community, the CBR Energy Group has initiated CBR Solarize to enable more Crestone and Baca residents to install photovoltaic (sunshine-into-electricity) systems on their homes and businesses. CBR Solarize will also train local enrollees in solar equipment installation, providing them with valuable professional skills. The CBR Energy Group is able to offer this program thanks to being chosen by Solar Energy International (SEI) as the 2020 recipient of SEI’s Solarize rural community coaching and training. SEI has implemented Solar Forward in various Colorado communities and is advising the CBR Energy Group on the CBR Solarize program.


1. Increase the use of renewable energy.

2. Lower the cost of solar installation by offering group rates and information on financing options.

3. Significantly ramp up adoption of solar throughout the community.


Community Building Program

CBR Solarize is a group buy-in program. The more people who sign up to “Solarize” their homes or businesses, the less expensive it is for all community members.

Local Partners and Local Installers

We work with local installers to make our program a success. CBR Solarize educates community members on residential solar and identifies residents who would be interested in having solar installed on their homes or business. These leads are then given to our partner solar installers who will offer a special program rebate.

CBR Solarize Installers

Sandhillsolar – Laura Conchelos

  • Studied at SEI and has taught classes there since 2016
  • Worked for Positive Energy (one of NM’s largest solar companies)
  • Has NABCEP Professional Installer Certification and Residential Wireman’s license
  • Worked for Solar Gain Services, installing and servicing systems around the San Luis Valley 
  • Started Sandhill Solar in 2017

Solarado Energy – Curtis Scheib

  • Started Eco Depot USA in 1997
  • Has installed off-grid for over 25 years and grid-tied since 1999 
  • In commercial solar market since 2009
  • Designed and built one of the first and only retrofitted solar carports in the state for CU Boulder
  • Started Solarado Energy in 2011
  • NABCEP certified since 2009
  • Has worked with SEI since 1997

Act now to receive Federal Tax Incentives

If you begin your Solar PV installation in  2020, you can receive a 26% U.S. Federal tax incentive;

2021 = you can receive a 22% Federal Tax incentive;

2022 = you can receive a 10% Federal Tax incentive 

2020 CBR Energy Group Survey Results

Thank you to all of you who submitted a response

78 percent of respondents are interested in a new solar installation, or expanding their current installation

34 percent of people who are interested in obtaining new solar want an off-grid system.

65 percent of people who desire a new solar installation are concerned about cost.

see our financing options below

results as of July 14, 2020

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Concerns about the costs of solar are common. CBR Solarize has an established connection with Elevations Credit Union. Using the energy loan program, Elevations Credit Union offers competitive rates on loans. Results of eligibility are generally available within 48 hours.

download energy loan program rate sheet

Aventa Credit Union offers unsecured loans up to $10,000. Loans above that amount need to be secured with collateral, e.g., a vehicle.  Aventa will not consider your solar addition as collateral.

Sponsors and Partners

RENU is a program of the CO Energy Office

Become a Sponsor or Partner

Sponsors and Partners collaborate with the program coordinators to host events, provide financial support, and contact the community to get the word out

Promoting the Solar Industry!

Join Our Mission to Promote Economic Development and Energy Efficiency in Crestone Baca.

We would like to thank our Sponsors, Partners and solar expert Installers for their support in our program